Sportsbet Review

As a first-time punter, the Sportsbet homepage can be overwhelming. The page contains several markets and sliding promotions, but it becomes less confusing when you enter the markets. You will also always be able to see your betslip, making it easy to monitor your bets. The Sportsbet website also allows you to view all your active and pending bets. There is also a mobile application available for iOS and Android devices, if you prefer that.

When betting on college or NFL games, remember that the oddsmakers place a tax on your bets. This tax is called vigorish, and it is paid to the sportsbook every time you place a bet. For example, if you bet $100 on Duke, the oddsmakers will give you a -5 (-110) for the spread. This means that your bet will win you $100 if Duke wins, and you’ll lose just $100 if Penn State wins. You can also bet with a vigorish, or a positive number.

Sportsbet started operations in 1993, and was a small outfit for 10 years. In 2005, Matthew Tripp bought Sportsbet for $250,000, and quickly expanded it from eight employees to over 250. Sportsbet was bought by Paddy Power in 2009 for $338 million. The Flutter Group now owns both Sportsbet and Betfair. The Sportsbet site is tailored toward the Australian market, and is a great option for punters looking for the best odds.