Sportsbet Review

Sportsbet is one of Australia’s largest online bookmakers. It started out as a small company in 1993 and, thanks to Matthew Tripp’s vision and foresight, it quickly became the country’s premier bookmaker and shaped the industry.

The site offers a ton of features including a Same Game/Race Multi Builder function, betting insights, tips, speed maps, a blackbook and more. Having said that, other sites like PlayUp and Palmerbet have better Same Game/Race Multi Builders, Unibet and Bet365 offer more racing stats and insights while the Sportsbet app is a bit buggy.

Whether you’re looking to place a moneyline bet or a spread bet on a game, it’s important that you understand the odds. They’re the number that indicates the probability of an event happening, and you can use them to calculate your risk and potential payout.

In addition to moneylines, Sportsbet also offers a variety of other types of wagers. These include point spreads, which attempt to level the playing field between two teams by adding or subtracting points depending on how much the underdog wins or loses by. They’re available on most sports, though they may be called different things depending on the sport.

Lastly, there are parlays, which are bets on multiple outcomes on a single slip. These are typically higher risk bets because you have to be right on all your selections in order to win. They’re a great way to add excitement to any sporting event, but they come with some of the highest house edges on the sportsbook’s books.