Sportsbet – Bet With Mates

Founded in 1993, sportsbet is Australia’s oldest licensed bookmaker and was the first to pioneer online betting. Matthew Tripp seized the moment when technology and demand collided to create the industry we know as online, phone, and app-based sports gambling today.

Bet With Mates

The bet with mates feature on sportsbet is pretty cool. You just need to gather your mates (2 or more), create an account and then start pooling your funds to bet on racing or sports markets. An admin from the group sets the Buy-in amount and can request an account top up at any time. Each member can then bet on any market and they are not locked in – anyone can leave the group at anytime.

In accordance with NTRC Licence Conditions, Sportsbet maintains a separate bank account to hold all Members’ funds and this is regularly audited. If a Member is unable to meet their Responsible Gambling obligations, Sportsbet may apply enforced actions (including deposit limits, breaks and permanent self-exclusion) on the Members account.

Sportsbet is a member of the Australian Gambling Association and has been operating as a responsible operator for over 20 years. Sportsbet’s marketing and communications are aimed at over 18’s only and we do not intend to market to individuals for whom gambling has become a problem. Those who have any gambling related issues should seek assistance from a recognised gambling help service. You can contact the AAGA on 1800 858 659 or visit their website.