Online Lottery – 45 US States Offer Official Lottery Games

Lottery games have long been a popular pastime in the United States. The revenue generated by lottery games has only increased yearly, and with the potential of big jackpots, it is easy to see why people play them.

45 US states operate official lottery games, along with Washington DC and Puerto Rico. Many of these states offer instant win and drawing games unique to each state, while others also participate in national lotteries like Mega Millions and Powerball.

The New Hampshire Lottery offers a variety of games, including Scratch-Offs and Terminal Generated Games (TGG). Winning numbers are printed on tickets, which can be reprinted at lottery retailers following a drawing. The prize amount is usually paid as a lump sum or via annuity.

Unlike some other states, New Hampshire does not offer a single game with a top prize of $250,000, but most have games offering five-figure top prizes. The only exception is Diamond Payout, a special instant game that features a guaranteed minimum prize of $100,000.

Online lottery in Virginia

The Virginia Lottery has a collection of instant win games on its website, called MyGameRoom. These include games from IWG and NeoPollard.

Maryland has a similar collection of instant games to Virginia, but does not label them as such. It has several games offered by IGT, as well as a selection of games from other states.

Rhode Island has an e-Instant selection of games as well, although it does not have any specific designation for them. It also uses IGT for its lottery terminals, which have a range of games with prices starting at $1 and going up to $20.